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Upholstery Solutions for Your Vehicle or Boat

Ensure that your upholstery project yields long lasting results by using high-quality fabrics, leather, and carpet from Southwest Fabrics. These materials are great to use in the interior or exterior of your boat, or the interior of your car. Visit us at our location in Dallas, Texas, to check out our complete inventory of fabrics and upholstery supplies. We provide you with the tools you need to complete any project you have.


Restore your vehicle or boat to its former glory with new vinyl in a wide variety of colors. Our marine-only vinyl comes treated with UV protection, so the color of your vinyl will not fade in the sun. We carry marine-only vinyl from Revolution and Port of Call, and automotive vinyl from Revolution and Integrity. Check in with us soon for exotic vinyl materials in styles like crocodile, ostrich, or snakeskin.


Replace or repair the carpet in your vehicle or boat with our high-quality carpet options. There are many different textures for you to choose from for both your auto or marine needs. Carpet varies from 40" to 80" wide, and we are happy to cut the carpet down to whatever size you need. Aqua Turf is our most popular line of marine carpet, and our inventory of automotive carpet includes Detroit Loop, THERMOBOND, Neon, El Dorado, Superflex, and Flexform.

Boat with New Vinyl

Newly Restored Vehicle


Is the headliner in your car drooping down? We carry replacement fabric in an assortment of colors and materials. Generally, this fabric comes in 60" width, and we can cut it down to any length you need. We sell this fabric by the linear yard. We also carry trunk liners and carpet heel pads in different colors.


If you need automotive-grade cloth for your restoration project, we have got you covered. We have a variety of fine cloth material in widths from 54" to 58", including tweed.


Look no further for automotive-grade leather in all OEM colors. There are an assortment of colors to choose from in half hide and full hide. We sell our leather material by the square inch.

Marine/Awning Fabrics

We are your source for protective fabrics that keep your vehicle or boat from becoming damaged by the weather or sun. This fabric makes a great cover for your car or boat, and can be used in the construction of an awning for your house.