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Supplies to Complete Your Upholstery Project

In addition to the high-quality fabrics that we provide, Southwest Fabrics is the number one source of quality upholstery supplies in Dallas, Texas. Our store offers all the materials and tools you need to finish your boat restoration or auto repair project.


We offer polyester and nylon blend thread from three different manufacturers that you can use in marine, auto, or furniture applications. The thread is available in 4, 8, and 16-ounce spools, so you only buy the amount you need. Choose from a variety of sewing needles including curved and straight in different lengths, including tufting needles. Our curved needle kits feature different sizes in each kit. Poly and nylon bobbins come in G and M bobbin sizes.


In our store, you will find a full line of carpentry tools commonly used in upholstery projects. We offer staples, short and long-nose staples guns, heat guns, and glue guns for fastening fabric. Our inventory includes:

• Industrial Shears
• Knives
• Tucking Tools
• Grommets
• Grommet Kits for Different Applications
Sewing Tools and Industrial Shears



With both red and clear adhesives available in quart, one-gallon, and five-gallon quantities, you will have enough bonding agent to complete your auto, marine, or furniture restoration. We offer glue sticks and different adhesives for foam and fabrics.


For those times when your car's interior has faded and needs a helping hand to bring it back to its original appearance, we provide spray-dye that matches your car's leather or vinyl. This paint comes directly from the original car manufacturer and does not stick to your clothing.


Southwest Fabrics carries economy and pink foam stripes that can be used in all upholstery applications. The foam is available in sizes from .25" to .5" thick and up to 82" wide. You can choose soft, medium, or firm foam, depending on your preference. The sew foam we supply is used primarily in auto applications and goes over the foam seat when you reupholster. Our marine outdoor foam is reticulated, allowing water to drain through so it will not produce mildew or mold.


We carry screws, clips, and fasteners for different applications such as door panels, grommets for tarps, molding fasteners, and headliner retainers. We have hog ring pliers and binding for any application from carpet binding to binding for convertible tops.


Need zippers for your project? We carry #4.5, #5, #8, and #10 zippers in a wide variety of colors and materials, including brass, nylon, and nickel. Zippers can be cut into different lengths to fit your needs.

Furniture Materials

For furniture upholstery projects, we have buttons molds that are used to make a tufting. These buttons are covered in material, like leather, and give your furniture an executive look. We offer:

• Decorative Nails
• Burlap Seat Decking
• Bungee Cords
• Razor Blades
• Velcro
• Metal Tack Strips
• Cotton/Dacron
• Chalk
• Elastic
• Webbing
• Button Twine

Our inventory includes welt binding and welt cord that add a decretive edge or trim look to your furniture or project. We carry braided, foam welt in different thickness and sizes, and even have Hidem trim for your seat edging.